August 28, 2000
  "I was part of a group that saw the afternoon show August 20, to help El Gallo "juggle" as the stage was set during the overture...and fell INSTANTLY in love with Natasha...would someone ask her if she'll marry me?"
    Jim Hull 
August 25, 2000
"How can it be forty years. It seems like yesterday."
Helen Crow
August 22, 2000
"I've seen The Fantasticks twice at the Sullivan Street Playhouse. As an Equity theatre actor in Chicago, I've always believed that the simplicity of the show makes it the perfect musical. Proof is in the pudding!"
Christopher LoDuca
August 20, 2000
"Thank you. Thank you so much. I just saw a spectacular August 17th performance with my mentor, Dr. Michael Andron, as Henry Albertson, The Old Actor. I've seen the show on Sullivan before. I've played Matt in community theater. However, August 17th's performance on Sullivan was such a meaningfull performance. I wish I had the writing skills to convery the emotion I'm trying to convey. Everyone involved in allowing that one performance to happen- thank you so very very much."
Aaron Grant
August 16, 2000
"Just wanted to say "Thank You" Harvey, Tom and Lore for writing and producing this marvelous work which I was finally able to direct this year in OpenStage Repertory Theater's Santa Cruz production. We got rave reviews even from a critic who (for unknown reasons) hadn't ever liked the show before. Without the work you did and kept alive for 40 years, it wouldn't have been possible. "Go Fantasticks" for another 40 years!"
Jon Rosen
August 16, 2000
"I loved the performance in your original space. I saw it in 1997. My first introduction to the show was at Ford's Theatre, when the fathers and the actor and Indian were played by the same actors. Keep up the good work!"
August 14, 2000
"I played Bellomy my Sophmore year of Highschool. Someday I will play El Gallo at the Sullivan Street Theater. (that is my dream) I love you."
Jonothon Howard
August 07, 2000
"Have been a great fan of the show for many years. Read that the film version made in 1995 was to be released on video this year but have not seen it in any stores. shows an availability date as January 2001. Wonder if this correct. Does anyone out there have any further information?"
Don Gibbs
August 07, 2000
"I've had the great pleasure to portray The Old Actor in several productions of The Fantasticks since 1983. It is a show & a role that I never tire of returning to. Whenever I am cast in a new production, my family and friends say, "What, AGAIN?" But they always come to once again become caught up in the spell of this special show. It just gets under your skin and stays there! May it last FOREVER!"
Jeff Black
August 07, 2000
"I have been back in the show in New York as The Boy now for two weeks and I am loving it. The show's in great shape and the audiences are incredible - great turnouts and wonderful responses. It's a pleasure to be able to come back to The Fantasticks! Glad it's still around!"
Richard Roland
August 06, 2000
"hi I love the musical The Fantasticks! And I have looked all over the internet for lyrics to some of the songs but can't find any of them! So if anyone knows where I can find them or has them please email asap! Thanks so much!"
August 05, 2000
"I played The Mute in a local production last week, and I wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was. The music is wonderful and the script is just as great. Congrats on forty long years!!!!"
Matt Austin
August 01, 2000
"My mom saw the show back in the 60's on a class trip to NYC and loved it. I grew up listening to the record, and played Luisa when I was 19! Mom came to every performance!!! I saw the show at Sullivan Street in '95-can't wait to see it again. Looking forward to the movie!!!"
July 31, 2000
"Hello there -- I haven't seen "The Fantastiks" yet, although I know someone who inspired the girl Luisa's character, I believe. Her name is Carol Bellomy, originally from Littlefield, Texas. Luisa's father in the play is called Bellamy, so there must be something to all this. I'd love to get confirmation of all this, if you have time. From reading the online info about the movie version of the Fantastiks, I understand the film was made in 1995 but won't be released until later this year (2000). May I ask why? In any case, I hope to hear from you. Regards,"
Mike Jones
July 28, 2000
"love the personal favorite my high school performed the show in 1994, and we won speaks to so many on different levels... a masterpiece!!"
kevin murchison
July 18, 2000
"I just recently did the production of the Fantastiks, and i played the mute and it was the funnest show I've ever done done, and the show drew the biggest crowds may the Fantastiks shine FOREVER!"
Ryan Rubek
July 16, 2000
"I saw the show in eigth grade in DC and fell in love with it. Since then, I had a dream to direct it and finally did last year on my college campus, marking the first ever student produced and directed musical by the Riverside Players (a theatre group on campus) as well as the first student directed musical in years. I've been fortunate enough since the show to see it over 15 times and it keeps getting better and better every time! Good luck on your way to 50 and I'll keep coming back when I can..."
Jillian Matundan
July 10, 2000
"I am fortunate enough to have played both the Mute and the Boy in the long-running Off-Broadway production of the show, and I am very happy to see that there is finally an offical website for the show! I am returning to the show as The Boy at the end of this month (July 2000) and I can't wait to do it again!"
Richard Roland
July 10, 2000
"Saw the play twice in the 1960's; once in Cleveland and a second time in Toledo. Just picked up a copy of the CD."
Jim Jansen
July 03, 2000
"Hello all, just wanted to say that I too love "The Fantasticks." I am a Performance Art Major and am playing the role of "Matt." It's the best!"
Matthew Smith
July 02, 2000
"Amazingly enough, I have lived near NYC my whole life, I'm only 15, but I still hadn't seen The Fantasticks until last night. I was completely mesmerized! I mean, I've see great shows on Broadway and Off-Broadway, but none of them compare to The Fantasticks. It is so endearing and welcoming, that it is now the most wonderful show that I have and will ever see! This is definitely a show I could never get tired of! I hope it is still going strong when I have children of my own, because it is show that everybody needs to see! Please, never close the most amazing show in the history of theatre!"
July 02, 2000
"I was a drama student of Hugh Thomas, who played Bellomy in the original cast. THE FANTASTICKS was the first musical that I directed. I owe Jones and Schmidt a debt that I can never repay. Bravo!"
Neil Glick
June 29, 2000
"Hi. Greetings from Croatia. Just wanted to say hi and to inform you that The Fantasticks are being done in Rijeka, Croatia. Director is dr Elliot Swift and I play the role of Bellomy."
Ognjen Puhovac
June 28, 2000
"I am currrently rehearsing for a production of The Fantasticks opening in Pasadena, CA on July 21st. Your words are magical!! May you guys run forever."
Michael Grayman
June 12, 2000
"Happy Birthday. I saw the Fantasticks back in the mid-60's in Boston. I think it was at the Little Theater Around the Corner. A long time ago Never would I have thought that this year some 35 years later would I be directing it. I am plased too to have my daughter home from Point Park Collage for the summer and she will be playing the gir. I we open on July 13. Wish us all luck. I anyone wants more information please feel free to contact me."
George N. Perkins
June 11, 2000
"I just saw the Fantasticks for the 11th time yesterday! It is the most amazing show in the world! I am only 14 but it is my dream one day to play Luisa! I love this show and am so happy for it's great sucess! I know there will be many more decades of this wonderful show and cant wait to see it again! thanks"
Lauren Smith
June 08, 2000
"Playing Matt was one of the sweetest experiences. Falling in love and having your heart broken each night can be wonderful."
Adam Hetrick
June 08, 2000
"I am so excited you have a web site; I am auditioning tonight for Mortimer in Pasadena, CA. Wish me luck! I have seen the show twice in New York and it is my dream to take my children to see it one day too!"
Peter Santana
June 01, 2000
"Kudos! Congratulations on another decade of "The Fantasticks." This show is by far, the most wonderful musical I have ever experienced as both an audience member and a performer. My love for Broadway and showtunes stemmed from my experiences as a child, singing songs like "Soon It's Gonna Rain" and "Try To Remember" at the piano with my family. These moments I will always cherish."
S. Karp
June 01, 2000
"Happy Birthday Fantasticks. I had the honor of playing Matt at the Hillel Community Theatre in South Florida last year. What fun! Personally, I enjoyed the poetry of the play and the vibrance of the character more than any other part I ever played. Every time I'm in New York, I make sure I make a stop at the Sullivan Street Theatre. I look foward to seeing the play with my mentor this summer."
Aaron Grant
May 30, 2000
"I've seen Fantasticks in 2 places, neither of which is across the pond from me, but it translates well. Congratulations on your latest birthday, here's to another 40 years. I haven't seen the show for years but, it's nice to remember. Melancholy is good"
May 28, 2000
"I'm so glad you have a website for The Fantastiks now!! I saw it for my 10th birthday in 1990 for its 30th anniversary, and I hope to see it again for my 20th birthday. It's one fo the reasons I started doing musical theater, and am now a voice major, hoping to be up there singing "Much More" someday! Congrats!"
Rachel Anne
May 27, 2000
"As a former Mortimer, I salute you!!!"
Gary Levine
May 26, 2000
"Webmaster's Note:
The late Seamus O'Brien, who was tragically killed in 1977, is fondly remembered by all who worked with him."
Thaddeus Noto
May 26, 2000
"i have see the show 3 times... all in different decades! i think my best "fantastiCk memory" was seeing seamus o'brien as the old actor.... at the time i was 20, and it was years sinece i had seen him when i was a child performing as the dinosaur in a production of wilder's "skin of our teeth". i was a rotten brat at the time... but i will never forget his kindness (playing george antrobus) both on and offstage. he gave me a hugs puzzle as a gift to keep me out of everyone's hair in the green room. god bless him. may he rest in peace. LONG LIVE THE FANTASTICKS!!!!! the last time i saw the show in ny was 2 summers ago... it is still beautiful. the poetry still makes me weep. even when i have gone to crappy community theatre productions, the show itself still shines through. i hope it continues to "bless" those who see it for many more decades to come."
Phil Micheal
May 24, 2000
"I have just been cast as BELLOMY in the Garden Grove (California) Playhouse production and am excited to finally be a part of this terrific show! I would love to hear from other actors who have played Bellomy, see their pictures, and get their advice and guidance as to how I should go about playing this wonderful character!"
John Richard Petersen
May 15, 2000
"Congratulations on 40 wonderfuls years! May it run in New York and around the world forever!"
Philip Crosby
May 10, 2000
"I'm glad the official page is up! In a musical theatre section of our drama class, my friend and I chose to sing "Never Say No." I've yet to see The Fantasticks but hope to soon!"
Jason Taylor
May 04, 2000
"Hi, I agree with the fellow that said, what a great way to become part of The Fantasticks History. Well, who ever reads this, I have one other way. I'm about to move to NYC in one week and I plan on auditioning for the role of Matt until I get it! :) Man, what a truthful show! We are all Fantasticks. See ya there."
John Francis Hebert
May 04, 2000
"I'm not sure if there has been any record kept by you of what must seem like innumerable parodies and rewrites, especially tending to the topical, of the show's hallmark number, "Try to Remember," since the show's debut (extending, obviously, to the likes of Mad Magazine and satirists of political bent, to cite the obvious); however, perchance you might want to include some specimens of some of your favourite parodies on "Try to Remember" on the website as you are aware of through the years."
Iludium Phosdex
May 02, 2000
"Ever since I was a little girl, The Fantasticks has always been my first love. The role of Luisa is my dream role and I was so ecstatic to live my dream at the age of 16! I am now 18 and will be attending Carnegie Mellon this fall for musical theater. The Fantasticks is an incredible show, and it will always be special to me."
May 01, 2000
"This is just my way of being a part of the greatest show ever written."
Chris Henderson
April 25, 2000
"I am coming for my 12 visit to se your show and this time I am bringing 27 Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) studentw with me. Looking forward."
April 24, 2000
"Still remember first seeing the Fantasticks at the Sullivan St Playhouse in 1970, it was the play that made theatre a passion for me. I still act and do tech to this day. I saw the touring company a while back but it isn't the same play. I hear a movie is due soon but they didn't get Jerry Ohrbach to play a part. What a let down! Good luck on the next 50 years!"
Jerry Lindsay
April 08, 2000
"I love the fantasticks!! I saw it at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in 1984, and have seen it whenever I can here in St. Louis. I love its message about the beauty to be found in the "everydayness" of life. Here's to 40 more years!!"
Mary Beth Schulte

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