June 18, 2001
  "The Charleston Light Opera Guild of Charleston, West Virginia will present The Fantasticks June 22, 23, 29, 30 and July 7, 2001. We are thrilled to be doing this beautiful magical show!"
    Sallie Daugherty
June 14, 2001
"I was in a production of The Fantasticks in 1986 as Hucklebee and now I am finally making the pilgrimage to the Sullivan Street Theater in June of 2001. I am chaperoning a group of 45 high school students who are about the same age as I was when I was in the production. Wow! Those 15 years have gone by fast. Best Wishes on 41 and heres to another 41!"
Dan Skrovan
June 14, 2001
"Great musical...Love it..."
Jason Leong
June 10, 2001
"I signed this guestbook last night, but forgot to mention my wonderful castmates. As I stated, we are performing 'The Fantasticks' at The Playhouse in the Park and I am the Mute. I'd like to acknowledge my fellow cast members: Jerry Joyner as El Gallo(quite the bandit), Deanna Osborne as Luisa(beautiful voice), Teze Hammonds as Matt(kept us laughing), Bill Harle as Hucklebee(very charismatic), Stephen Keene as Bellomy(willing to improve on his already fine work), Michael Dunnagan as Henry(our fearless director), and Don Flemming as Mortimer(I nearly laughed during all his death scenes), and Brett Brown(aka Beethoven)on the piano. I wish them all the best of luck on whatever they may pursue in the future!"
Jason Jones
June 10, 2001
"I was overjoyed to stumble across your website. I am currently performing in 'The Fantasticks' at Playhouse in the Park in Murray, KY. We just gave our 3rd performance tonight, with 7 more to go. I am playing the Mute, and find it a challenging yet rewarding experience. I am looking for the movie version of this play...it was supposedly released in 2000 and stars Joe McIntyre...where could I find it??? Anyways...great site!"
Jason Wallace Jones
May 29, 2001
"When will the Fantasticks be preforming in the San Francisco,Oakland, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Montery areas in CA? Thank you and I enjoyed your site"
Arthur Prince
May 25, 2001
"The Fantasticks is by far my number one favorite musical. I have seen it twice. My dream is to direct it and star in it as Matt at some point in my life."
Philip Seymour
May 23, 2001
May 19, 2001
"Hey- its me again, i was just wondering if there was anyplace online where i could find the script to this excellent play- it would definetly get me an A on a scene i have to do for my drama class. Thanks!"
May 19, 2001
"This was the best play I've ever seen. Great script, great music. I could watch it everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. Great Play!!"
May 16, 2001
"I love this show!!!! I am currently playing the boy at Union College in Schenectady, NY and it is Fantastick. Through the show I have been able to learn more about myself and find the "true me". Thanks for such a wonderful experience.
Mark McKee
May 13, 2001
"I tried out for this wonderful musical 2 times.The 1st time was Feb.1985 in Rancho Cordova,Ca. The 2nd time was Dec.1988 in Auburn,Wa. Both times I've auditoned for the part of Louisa Bellamy singing"Much More". Now even though I didn't get the part both times, I feel honored just to be a part of This Enchanting Show's Legacy. Long Live "The Fantasticks". By the way I have a sister name of Alicia, but I call her Louisa, because her Middle Name is Louise. Vicki."
May 12, 2001
"My mom and I saw the show on Sunday, May 6, 2001. There were about 30 other people in the theater with us that experienced a masterpeice that was done so well that I cried when it was over. I was the youngest in the theater but I enjoyed it so much. I'd seen a version of it before (directed by a friend of my mom's- Mom also played the piano on that version) but never like this. It was amazing. Thank you so much to all of the performers for all their hard work and effort. Thank you for inspiring me."
May 09, 2001
"I have been a fan of the Fantasticks since I first saw it performed at Rhode Island College (my alma mater) in the 1960s. Whenever it is performed anywhere locally, I make it my business to go and see it. I have never stopped enjoying it. I did make the mistake of renting a video of it with Joel Gray and others - more of a movie style production - and was very disappointed in it. It made the whole story look very silly. You can't beat the original bare stage version. Thank you for a wonderful experience that I have enjoyed over and over again."
Patricia Cousineau
May 07, 2001
"I would like to say what an honor it was performing in this show. Our high school won second place in the state theatre competition with this show. It was my first major role and what a wonderful one to begin with."
Elizabeth Wright
May 04, 2001
"To the cast, crew, Tom, Harvey, Lore and alumni,

Happy Anniversary. You all must be doing something right. Here's to many more anniversaries.

With Love,"
Sarah Rice
May 02, 2001
"Great page-- the photos are fun to look at, especially for me, because somehow it's inspired me (i've been lucky enough to have been cast as "the girl".) We're currently running a production of The Fantasticks at Union College in Schenectady, NY. I hope to see it in the city sometime soon!"
Larissa Powers
April 24, 2001
"IHow I've been loved the music 'Try to remember'
How I've been heard the music 'Try to remember'
The song was my only friend to this empty world of mine

It's my honor to visit this site.
what can I say...
'Long live The Fantasticks'

thanx and bye"
Shineguk Ahn
April 24, 2001
"Writing a Theater History research paper on the original production of "The Fantasticks". Checking out the website for info. Thanks!"
April 22, 2001
"I graduated college with my degree in theatre education in 1973 and in that same year was cast a Matt in the Colorado City Playhouse production in Colorado City, Texas. As the show's director,I will have audtions for the Permian Playhouse production in Odessa, Texas on Monday and Tuesday. We will run in mid-June. THE FANTASTICKS is "the perfect play." That is why it is so long lived and so deeply loved. In it's own simple, flawless fashion, it has it all and says it all."
Carl Beery Moore
April 21, 2001
"I just wanted to say that like so many others, I have fallen in love with the FANTASTICKS! I helped out backstage with a production of the show this summer at a summer stock theater. I am now playing "Matt" at my high school. It has been such a great expirience! THe music, the text, . . .it's all so wonderful to perform! I would love to do it again someday!"
David Shane
April 19, 2001
"I am 57 years old and I am playing the part of "Hucklebee" in my very first venture into the theatre. The "Fantasticks" is a wonderful musical and I am looking forward to this opportunity. We begin tomorrow night (April 20) at UTD in Dallas. We have a wonderful director and cast. This timeless masterpiece is such a classic. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of its history."
Mel Tolle
April 19, 2001
"In 1994 I played the part of Mortimer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have always wanted to see the professionals do the show on Broadway and this year, 2001, on Thursday, May 3rd, I will be in the audience to see this wonderful show. To those in the cast "break a leg" and to those on the production team "curtain up" - for the 40th anniversary performance!!!
Best wishes,"
Doug MacIntyre (Mortimer)
April 16, 2001
"I played Luisa in highschool, and ever since then have been enchanted with the play and with acting. Debbie Pavelka came and saw the show. It was one of the more sparkling moments of my life. Thank you for creating such a breathtaking piece."
Margaret O'Keefe
April 15, 2001
"Hello!!! First of all, I must say The Fantasticks is an amazing musical! Well, my school theater production presents this piece of play next week and I have a role as Matt! I am very excited hoping that I would do fine. Wish me luck!!!"
Sang Bin Lee
April 06, 2001
"I guess I can date my love for the play by admitting that I first auditioned for the role of "Matt" at Barter Theatre in Virginia some 35-40 years ago. Shame I didn't get it. Jerome Ragney was El Gallo and my father would have been a young actor named Ned Beatty.Today I'm retired from the advertising business, back in Tennessee doing community theater and now the perfect type to play "Henry" in the current Johnson City Community Theater production. Sorry to be so long-winded. This was meant to be a simple 'thank you' for the many years of pleasure the play has accorded me in productions all over the country. Looking forward to 40 more. (especially since each new generation has to learn all the lessons for the first time.) Thanks again,"
Bill Brinkley
April 04, 2001
"Over the last three years I have been able to obtain the rights and music to close to 30 songs from the LOST IN BOSTON CD set produced by Versace Serabande for a show I produce entitled UNSUNG BROADWAY for a local community theater group. The songs are ones that were cut from the finally versions of some of Broadways biggest hits. This has been through the generosity of Warner Brothers, The Rodgers Hammerstein Organization, Rupert Holmes, Nan Knighton, the Colse Porter Estate, just to name a few. On this CD set are several songs from Jones/Schmidt shows (I DO, I DO, 110 in the Shade, The Fantastiks) I would like to be able to obtain the music and rights if possible. A complete list of songs desired and the full concept of the show will be made available if this request can be fulfilled. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you"
Kathryn Gaetz
April 04, 2001
"hey i just wanted to say that i saw The Fantasticks in NY this weekend as a part of a theatre trip, and while i loved it, one of my friends really suprised me when she said that this was her favorite musical of all time, only after Les Miserables! so i thought youd enjoy knowing that and continue doing a great job on the show. by the by-- Louise (im sorry i cant remember the name of the girl who played her) was absolutely FABULOUS! i am a singer and i aspire to have such a beautiful sound as she does onstage. so please pass the message along and keep up the FANTASTICK work (did you catch the pun?) :)"
Sarah Black
April 03, 2001
"Hello Fantasticks Fans,
Please come to Union College in Schenectady, NY- May 4,5, and 6 to see an amazing production of The Fantasticks. If you would like any questions answered please e-mail me at christis@union.edu. The show is free and we would love to see fans of the show there. Also, if anyone knows what "Pell-Mell" is, I think it is a brand of candy?, please e-mail me as well. Hope to see some of you here."
Spencer S. Christie
April 02, 2001
"I saw The Fantasticks last fall when I visited New York City and absolutely loved it! The music was amazing and the performance was superb. Recently I was at a wedding where a guitarist and his accompanist played and sang "They Were You." It was so beautiful and from such a masterpiece! I recommend The Fantasticks to ANYONE!."
April 01, 2001
"Believe it or not, I've seen 'The Fantasticks' 15 times in the last 30 years. The first time was with my English Class in High School. Since then, I've gone every other year with girlfriends, my family, friends and my Wife. It's just a "back to basics" corny little love story, but I love it. Really "Fantastick!" Thanks for some great memories. It's been an important part of my life for years. Best Wishes."
March 31, 2001
"My school did a performance of the Fantasticks, I was the production stage manager, and i completely fell in love with the story. I just wanted to give my props to the writers.=-)"
Melissa H
March 31, 2001
"As a 21 year old Dallas native, I am very excited about currently playing Matt in the UTD Spring 2001 production of this wonderful show. I am a fan of this production that has been such a gemstone in American musical theatre for almost half a century and am fascinated by the concept that members of my generation still enjoy this classic story that transcends so many cultural walls."
Joshua Blanchard
March 31, 2001
"Nice Web site. I am very interested in getting the script for this play. Is there any way you could tell me where in your site (or anytwhere in the net)that i could find the script and/or lyrics to the song?? Please email me!"
Lindsey Outlaw
March 29, 2001
"I am a big fan of this show! It's great with great music. My community theatre did this one."
March 28, 2001
"Saw the play 3 times from 1961-1963 at sullivan street. Payed the boy's father in 1993 and 1999 in northeast ohio. I just love the play!"
Robert J Sprafka
March 27, 2001
"Loved The Movie. Want Information About Jonathon Morris, Actor In Movie Version. And Information About Where To Find The Soundtrack For The Movie Version!"
Brenda French
March 24, 2001
"I saw the Fantasticks last week.. and the name says it all FANTASTIC!!!
the acting...the singing..... everything was wonderful... THANK YOU for a wonderfull night!"
March 23, 2001
"I just played the movie for my high school drama classes, and they sat in rapt attention! The discussion afterward was lively and exciting. Now they want to read the script! As a native New Yorker who now lives in Florida, the movie brought me down memory lane...back to the Sullivan Street Playhouse. Keep The Fantasticks going and going!"
Linda Shamlian
March 23, 2001
March 23, 2001
"Try to remember that we were here..."
Richard Katherine Kopynsky
March 21, 2001
I wanted to find out if there is anybody who has seen the film version of The Fantasticks-looking to get in touch with those who saw and liked it-it is an underrated movie musical and like the show deserves an audience.My idea is to get this film more notice then it got when it was released for two weeks-now that it is on DVD .Thanks for your time"
Adam Harris
March 20, 2001
"To the gang at Sullivan Street:
Performing The Girl in this production of THE FANTASTICKS with you all was one of the most charmed and magical times of my life. To meet and work with Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, two of the gods of my idolatry was a dream come true for me. I will always cherish those fond memories of the whole Fantastick experience. Thank you.

For more pictures of The Fantasticks, please visit

There is a whole Fantasticks section under "photos"."
Sarah Rice
March 20, 2001
"I first saw The Fantasticks early in its run, while still in High School. Years later I became friendly with Hugh Thomas [the original „Bellomy‰] who often had amusing recollections of the show to share. I loved the show the first time I "discovered" it, and every one of the [many]I've returned to see it. Thanks for all the years of memories. How about 40, or so, more years?"
Bart Cosgrove
March 20, 2001
"This is my all-time favorite musical! It was at the moment I heard the enchanting music as a child, that I fell in love with musicals. I am an actor/singer/dancer from Miami, FL and I am currently cast in the White-Willis Theatre production in Tamarac, FL. Seeing the show in New York was such a "Fantastick" experience...I hope this show runs forever!
Josh R. Noble
March 19, 2001
"Here's a link to a review I wrote for CitySearch.com. It's a great show!"
Paul Klenk

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